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We are proud to say that it is built to do still photography, the largest and fullu equipped studio in south India.
2004 am with Ms. Yuktha Mukhi who was Ms. World and was shooting for Damas Jewellery in Dubai. We spent a day shooting in different outfits etc.
Best Photography Today a Tamil Photography magazine have recognized my works and had given this award. This is given by Director of Tamil Films Mr. Lingusamy in Chennai.
1.Receiving Private Pilot License The owner of Emirates Airlines Sheikh is giving the Certificate and memento and am receiving the Private Pilot License from him in Dubai. He also owns the Emirates flying school. Again one of my achievement in my life as I can fly on my own which was one my dream when I was young. Now I came in from Running race to cycle race to Motorcycle race to Car rallies and testing to reaching very high speed in cars to Flying. My next race will be to go to space☺ if am still alive till then. Now I can be also be called as Capt.Narayanaswamy.
The SAAB car testing days with one of their New model car which was not yet introduced in the world in the year 1993. But this picture is shot in 1994 in somewhere in a desert in Sharjah. The white thing on my pant is the pager which is famous those days. My normal speed on this car is 180 to 220 kms per hour. My top speed covered is 265 kph which is the maximum speed of the car. I need to do 400 kms per day and so I try to do it at short time. Now in 2008 when I calculated the distance that I covered during the testing of this car time For almost 4 years I had circled the world around 11 times. Am really proud of testing this car as before the launch in this world and one of the best safety car from Sweden. This I did as a hobby apart from my professional Photography work as I like driving
This is in Sripermandur Race track. The first inaugural race done by me and the Last race for me in 1990. In 1991 there was No race as the war had started in Kuwait and Iraq. This is because of the petrol shortage and they stopped the race just a week before which was very disappointing for me where I wanted to retire from racing after that. But that was not possible so I ended my Bike racing career in 1990. The Race dress is stitched to my body fit and I bought the leather, die it to my colour and then tailored to my style, the gloves and the shoes. Of course I pained the helmet also.
In my earlier days I practice my cycling daily pedaling above 50 kms @ an average speed of 30 kmh. In 1977 Won a First Prize for the race held from Chennai to Bangalore which is 365 kms. This race is sponsored by T.I cycles of India. I represented loyala college and the total participants is 95.
Learning to play Golf with my instructor in Florida.
During my visit to Malaysia 1975 along with my friend Mr.Nagaraj and his family.